A downloadable thing for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Who will you fall in love with? Follow this 7 minute dating simulator, over the span of 3 days, where you'll meet three boys, and have fun! 

This game was originally created in December, but I never went to make an anonymous  download link for it. The storyline is pretty short, and I'm not really proud of Latvia and Lithuania's sprites. Estonia's sprites are actually from one of my upcoming games, 5 Nordic Friends. Hope you have fun, and I may just reboot the game, with a longer storyline. Thanks for everything!

Install instructions

Click on the link. That's it. It should just straight download, making a bar appear at the bottom of your window. Click on the file, and it should unzip the package. After unzipping, if on the PC, if you really want, extract the file first. On Mac, just double click on the icon and it should run normally. 

And problems? Email me at kccpablo@gmail.com


projectbaltics-I-honestly-don't-care-what-version-pc.zip 112 MB
projectbaltics-I-honestly-don't-care-what-version-linux.tar.bz2 101 MB
projectbaltics-I-honestly-don't-care-what-version-mac.zip 96 MB

Development log


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can i ask is this hetalia or am i just too deep in hetalia hell

._. well yeah it's hetalia

bit obvious actually